Bogotá: From the First Spanish Settlement to the Public Square

Plaza bolívar con logo reducida 70The foundation of Latin American cities was conducted under similar rituals and gestures that led to the creation of new territories where life for the natives and the Spaniards changed forever. Bogotá was no exception. During this tour we will follow the steps of greedy conquerors who founded the city. We will explore the Barrio de la Concordia where takes form one of the traditions about the beginnings of the city and where Chicha, native ancient beverage, is prepared. Then we visit the Church of the Candelaria and observe religious jewelry: inherited treasures that reflect cultural conjunction. In the Plaza Mayor we will detail vestiges on the early settlement of Santa Fe which took shape as a major city. More information…

Manuelita in Bogotá: Following the Steps of Bolivar

Quinta logoLa Quinta de Bolivar which became a refuge for its owner during the growing political tension, was also a place of encounter with Manuela Sáenz who did not hesitate to go to the capital to support him in times of discord. During this tour we will explore this house that reflects details of Libertador everyday life and allows us to evoke this historic pair of lovers. We also will tour the Eje Ambiental  which remember the San Francisco River, once central to the city. Also we will visit the religious complex of Las Aguas. More information