Data protection policy:

The authorization given by the user in the form , empowers Cuadrante Cultural to collect, store, use and / or delete the data you provide. The data collected will be used only to promote the services of Cuadrante Cultural and  its blog Bogotá Memorable. Also the number of identification requested to the registered, will have the sole purpose of issuing the medical assistance card. Under no circumstances databases resulting from the information collected will be marketed. The user may at any time revoke the authorization or update and correct the data supplied. This under law 1581 2012.

Terms and conditions

  • The walking tour will be held on time, in the day and place agreed. In this sense, groups and / or participants should arrive early enough so that delays will not occur.
  • All walking tours last two hours maintain a moderate walking pace, stopping at various sites along the route.
  • No boys or girls of arms or under 10 allowed. During the tour, children 10 and older will be under the sole responsibility of their parents or adult companions.
  • Children enrolled in the tours of the monthly schedule will have a 10% discount on the price defined in programming.
  • The monthly scheduled tours have a maximum capacity of 15 people. The share of private tours for groups will be established with customers.
  • Participants are required to inform in advance about the document number that identifies them (including the children) to the Attendance Card. These cards will be issued at the beginning of the activity upon registration. Assistance Cards are personal, not transferable and valid only for the walking tour.
  • During the visits, the cel phones must be kept in silent mode or turned off to avoid interfering with the comments.
  • The speeches and comments are protected by copyright. In this regard during the tours are prohibited video or audio recordings, and note taking.
  • For reasons of force majeure (marches, protests, riots, mass events, weather conditions, natural catastrophe and such) known before the proposed date and do not ensure proper development of the tour, it can be rescheduled.
  • Due to the contingencies caused by force majeure to be given during the tour (marches, protests, riots, mass events, rainfall, natural catastrophe and such), the guide can follow alternative routes, stopping at places of protection, or interrupt the tour for safety or welfare of participants. In this case there will be no refund.
  • Do not assume liability in case of force majeure such as delays, marches, riots, protests, mass events, weather conditions, natural catastrophe and such. Nor will assume responsibility for damage or theft of objects, damage caused by third parties, accident, illness or death. The foregoing is without prejudice to any other exclusions of responsibility established by law.
  • In case of cancellation by Cuadrante Cultural due to illness of the guide of the tour, the money will be returned in a period not exceeding three working days, subsequent to the date set for the completion of tour. Similarly, if the user so wishes, the money can be kept as payment for future tours.
  • If a participant decides to retire during the tour for any reason, there is no refund of the money paid.
  • The change in the number of participants in the private tours for groups, involves change in price per person.
  • For private tours for groups, other specifications will be discussed with interested.
  • Cancel participation in a tour of the monthly program entails reporting on the date of deadline before the time set. Otherwise if any payment was verified, we reserve the right to deduct any previous expenditure incurred and the cost of return.Returns must be made within 5 working days from the date scheduled for the tour.
  • If the user decides to cancel the booking for private tour, we reserve the right to deduct any previous expenditure incurred and cost refund. Returns must be made within 5 working days from the date scheduled for the tour.
  • Payment from outside Bogotá: should add $ 9.500.oo for bank charges
  • During the tours, consumption of alcohol or psychoactive substance use is prohibited. If it finds any of these events or any behavior that affects the development of the tour or the other participants, we reserve the right to request the removal of the person who caused them. In this case we will refund the user the percentage value of the services not taken, within a period not exceeding three working days following the date of completion of tour.

© Copyright

All text, photographs, graphics, images, logos and other site content in any format, are duly registered with the Copyright Office and are owned by the director of Cuadrante Cultural. In this sense none of the site content may be copied, modified, adapted, altered, distributed, broadcast, displayed, used, reproduced and / or published by means known or unknown, under any circumstances.

About allocutions:

The comments expressed during the tours are the result of serious research and scriptwriting. In this regard during the tours are prohibited video or audio recordings and taking notes.

Legal Information:

In accordance with Act 679 of 2001, we are against any kind of exploitation, pornography and child sex tourism.

For conducting the tours we have the National Tourism Registry No. 22974

For more information please call us at (+57) 316-2399927 or contac us.