Since 2010 we have made walking tours through Bogota heritage in order that residents or visitors, children, youth and adults rediscover the history of the city and begin a new relationship with Bogotá, characterized by the recognition, identity and the care of heritage expressed in houses, buildings, streets, squares, churches, characters, recipes, flavors, sayings, anecdotes, pictures, gardens, letters, books, poems ….

Several have been the surprises for local participants who observe from a different perspective what had always been there but had not been seen. For their part, Latin American visitors measure the differences and are happy with similarities. The Americans ask many questions about the current story. Europeans are amazed with the treasures of the city and sometimes can not believe that crossed the sea means to verify that in the capital there are good things as its people and brevas con arequipe (Bogota sweet).

For us it was very satisfying to see that the story continues in the hands of the participants at the end of each tour. Sometimes they ask us for references to “understand more” and many have followed all the routes proposed to complete the overall meaning that results.

As specialists in Cultural Management we continue to create strategies and services with the aim of adults, youth and children recognize and take ownership of tangible and intangible heritage. For this we have broad and solid experience, developed in public and private institutions where culture is the focus of the programs, or a strategic partner for achieving objectives.

To make possible our goals, we had partners such as the Library Lerner, Quinta de Bolivar, Santa Clara Museum, Library Siglo del Hombre, Hacienda Santa Barbara, Instituto Caro y Cuervo, Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango, Camino del Café, House Poetry Silva and Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. And of course we are encouraged by our participants who have followed our dreams.